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MILITARY INTELLIGENCE DIVISON W.D.G.S, MILITARY ATTACHE REPORT NEW GUINIA Jap Prostitution of Nurses Captured at Corregidor. 21 August 1944

  J. E. Copple, first mate of a tug in the Hollandia, New Guinea operation of April 1944, saw an American nurse there who had been captured by the Japanese at Corregidor in May 1942. Mr. Copple, about 45 years old, spoke with apparent truth in New Orleans, 18 August 1944. He has assumed the incident was already known to the interviewing officer.

  Mr. Copple was told by Army Officers at Hollandia that the nurse, whose name he did not learn, was forced to submit to and accompany Japanese Army officers after her capture, and was taken by them from the Philippines to New Guinea. The Japanese officers carried her with them from place to place in New Guinea until her rescue by the American forces at Hollandia. She told the American Army officers that 19 more American nurses were with the Jap forces in and around Hollandia, all in the same plight.

  The nurse probably was about 30 years old, although to Mr. Copple she looked about 70. Army officers told him her mind was about two-thirds gone.

NARA RG: 125-JAG, Box: 4-NND973092, Folder: EVIDENCE-JAPANESE #1

INTELLIGENT REPORT US Naval Indian Officer, 19 October, 1944 Japanese Behavior in the Netherlands East Indies; Interrogation of POW's

  As most of the reports on this subject have come form Indonesians, it might be thought that they are too exaggerated. We therefore quote below part of an interrogation report of some German Pa******1.

  "Conditions were even worse in Java and the Dutch East Indies than they were in Japan. The carefully tended plantations had been allowed to grow wild and had fallen into a state of ruin and despair.

  "Worst of all, said the First Mate, German and Dutch women who had not fled before the Japanese, had been herded into a camp where they were kept without any means of subsistence. By reducing them to starvation level it was hoped that they would eventually agree to enter Japanese brothels. It was the ambition of every Japanese officer to keep a Dutch or German mistress so that he might satisfy his race-consciousness. When there were not enough white women in the brothels to go round, Japanese soldiers had often entered the camp and selected the women of their choice.

  "A large number of women had hoped to escape the brothels by accepting work as barmaid and entertainers in public house and dancing hall. Here they were brutally beaten and punched in the face if they rebuffed advances.

  "The price of a German woman was fifty yen. White women and half-castes were reserved for the Japanese. Visiting Germans had to be content with native girls.

  "Summing up, the First Mate, a loyal German, said that in his opinion the Japanese were a bunch of mendacious heathen yellow monkeys and he was bitterly shamed that they were the Allies of his country."

(Source: Interrogation Survivors X.X. 0XXXX {XX}

NARA RG: 125-JAG, Box: 4-NND973092, Folder: EVIDENCE-JAPANESE #1

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